The Veil-Framework

The Veil-Framework is a collection of red team security tools that implement various attack methods focused on evading detection. It currently consists of:

  • Veil-Evasion: a tool to generate antivirus-evading payloads using a variety of techniques and languages
  • Veil-Catapult: a psexec-style payload delivery system that integrates Veil-Evasion
  • Veil-Pillage: a modular post-exploitation framework that integrates Veil-Evasion
  • Veil-PowerView: a powershell tool to gain network situational awareness on Windows domains

The Veil-Framework is located at, and the framework superproject is at which we recommend most users use. This will pull down stable branches of each tool and update them appropriately.

5 thoughts on “The Veil-Framework

  1. Hey guys,

    Can’t tell you how much I love the work this project represents, and the superb quality of effort that’s gone into making it work by the team. I wouldn’t bother commenting otherwise.

    Does the project need help with documentation?
    If so, can I help?
    What would I need to bring to the table to be of practical use?

    It looks like as the project evolved, your documentation became a bit inconsistent with itself. Minor things like directing us to run “./” when that file might have become “./” over time, or deprecating Catapult in favour of Pillage, but the main for the “Veil” superproject still references Catapult – and so on. I feel certain this must lead to lots of (possibly?) needless support requests.

    Again, I’m not here to beat you up over this; I looove the project, and want to help.
    Much love for giving back, guys,


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