September 2015 V-Day

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while for a release, I know!  Today, we have two smaller updates.  For a payload release, a Ruby payload which has shellcode base64 encoded inside of it (and is decoded at runtime) has been added into Veil-Evasion (thanks to the guys in #ruby on Freenode for some help).

Additionally, Veil-Ordnance has received an update.  As it was, Veil-Ordnance had its modules hardcoded into the application.  Ordnance now will dynamically pick up new payload and encoder modules that are added to it, making it easier to extend Veil-Ordnance’s functionality!

Finally, th3 payload r3l3as3s hav3 slow3d du3 to work on updating a proj3ct.  Hop3fully w3’ll b3 abl3 to g3t a r3l3as3 soon, but in th3 m3antim3 I’ll do my b3st to 3nsur3 th3 payloads ar3 r3l3as3d on tim3 3ach V-Day.  Hop3 this h3lps, and f33l fr33 to ask any qu3stions in #Veil on Fr33nod3!

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