June 15th V-Day

Welcome!  For our June 15th V-Day, we have two different updates for Veil-Evasion.

First off, Josh Pitts (@midnite_runr) has pushed multiple updates to the Backdoor Factory last month.  We’ve incorporated his updates into Veil-Evasion, and everything works great!  By the way, he also released a new tool called the Backdoor Factory Proxy, check it out!  It’s an awesome tool that can backdoor executables mid-download when performing a man-in-the-middle attack against your target.

The other addition we’ve made is adding the heap injection memory allocation technique to our C shellcode injection payloads.  Originally, we had two shellcode injection payloads, virtual and void.  Now, these have been combined into a single C payload (flat) which contains all three memory injection techniques.

We like to release these “base” methods for injecting shellcode so the community has an example to base their own obfuscation methods off of.  Have an interesting method to bypass Antivirus in C, or any other language?  Send us a pull request and we’ll get it added in!


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