Feb 15th V-Day Release

For our V-Day this month, we have created a new “type” of add-on to Veil-Evasion.  We are releasing two auxiliary modules this month based off of feedback we’ve heard from the community.  The modules are:

  • War file wrapper
  • Python “compiler”

To go into a little more detail, we’ve been asked multiple times if Veil is able to create a .war payload.  As of yesterday, this functionality was not in Veil-Evasion.  If users wanted to create a .war payload, they had to perform the process themselves manually.  However, with the inclusion of the War file wrapper, this doesn’t need to be done manually anymore.  You can simply invoke the war wrapper like you would any other Veil-Evasion payload.  However, the only option it needs is the path to an executable.  Once you “generate” your payload, you will now have a .war file of the executable file you provided.


The python “compiler” is something that resulted out of the large number of tests we run when trying to make a payload.  We would always have to look up the exact command to convert any python script we were currently working on into a Windows executable.  Well, we decided it would be easier to just automate this process too.  So the pyinstaller wrapper will take any python script as its required option, and “compile” it into an executable.

Pyinstaller wrapper

Thanks for using the Veil-Framework, please keep giving us a feedback, we do listen, and if you have any questions, just ask in our forums!

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